Rainbow Bridge

Ida Angel drawing


FC Apu Sir Laserlot MC GRC JOR (20 Feb 98 to 13 Nov 2012) ~ 14 years, 8 months and 24 days of sweetness.

Laser Note, by Joe Stewart

I’m Sorry Mommy Karen but I have to Go
But Everyone knows: I Love You So.
The Rainbow Bridge has Called for Me
To join my Sis M and Mother Calliope.

I’ll Miss our Snuggles while in your Arms
Where you Protected Me from Evil Seizures Foul Farms
And those Days that We Drove to the Field of Bunny
At which Folks discovered how Swift a Laser could be.

I’ve Loved you since I was a little Pup of Red and White
You made all my Days on Earth Lovely and Bright.
You gave me such Friends with which to Romp and Play
Selket, Cherry, Ian, and Tutu, what else can I say.

Remember I’ll Come and Visit when You Think of Me,
Giving your Soul a Kiss from the “LoveMonkey”
And when again our Souls do Meet
I’ll tell you how I Plan to Greet
A Roo, a Lick and a Wag of my Curly Tail
Will be Given to my Dearest Human Female.


thanks to Erin Fogarty

Cover Girl

My most Beloved M, victim of negligence by workers. I had to let her go. She was almost 14 years old.


20 February 1988 ~ 4 November 2011

My "Cary Grant of a dog"


DC Apu Must Be the Money SC ~ December 30, 1994 - December 29, 2010

6.5 hours from his 16th birthday, death kindly stopped for Trill. He was the Cary Grant of dogs.

He never had a sick day in his strong life. Just used it all up.

Karen Christensen said, "Time takes back in a cold moment what it has trickled out in a sweet stream for very nearly 16 years.
Laser's half-brother and whole-hearted best buddy Trill, who we will love forever and a day."

Hip Hop & True

For I give to you, and you give to me, love forever True....

Our true love, True, was released from the downward spiral of

progressive neurological disabilities, at the very spot where he was born.

Thus the tail has come full circle.

Apu Open Road Troubadour Dec. 30, 1994-August 30, 2010


He's with Jim now, waiting at the bridge with all his relatives. 

Imagine the reunion! ...................Karen Sahulka

Jim Cummin's Truisms


With very heavy hearts we say good bye for now to our sweet, dear little Cubby dog. Taken away too soon. Apu The New Edition, SC, FCH, CGC
Dec 31, 1999 - Aug 30, 2010. You will beat in our hearts forever and I will see you in the clouds.  ......Sue & Bob Schulz

Toaster (Apu Tutto Va Bene)

Dec. 30, 1994 - Aug. 17, 2010. Littermate to Hip Hop. Thanks Lisa & Dave
for giving her a worry-free life filled with love.

Chauncey (Apu Rue Chauncey)

Read about Chauncey


Multi CH. Elahi ti-n Abou Teka- 1. Jan. 1995 - 19. May 2010 “
As long as her life was, so deep was our friendship! Elahi crossed the rainbow bridge just shy of 15 1/2 years.....The Grewe family

Hip Hop (Apu Y U NV Me)

Hippy at the Bridge, already, e gia. Only 14.

Hip Hop angel from the Bakers' Dozen.

Figo - DtVDH/Klub Ch Figo ti-n Abou Teka
14 Dec 1997 ~ 04 Mar 2009

Apu Michaelangelo

"Mikey" 1.04.94 - 1.26.09 ~ Greatly loved by Lotte & Ray Hotaling.
Lotte says  "I loved him dearly, my gentleman dog. We dug a hole next to Bingo and Sheba, under a cedar tree.
I planted tulips and jonquils up there when Bingo passed, they'll bloom for Mikey this spring.
We buried him wearing his best "smoking jacket" that I made for him years ago and he'll lay on his brown furry bed.
  I thank you and Jo & Don for letting me have all those wonderful years with this sweet little guy; it was my treat and I hope his, too."

Apu Calliope Jones (January 15, 1994 - August 15th, 2008)

Calliope was our muse...

Good Night by W. S. Merwin

Sleep softly my old love

my beauty in the dark

night is a dream we have

as you know as you know


night is a dream you know

an old love in the dark

around you as you go

without end as you know


in the night where you go

sleep softly my old love

without end in the dark

in the love that you know

Calliope mothering Scarlet and Tutu, winter of 2008

Famadu (Calliope's brother) January 15th, 1994 - April 19th, 2008.
He was much loved by the Workmans, "Famadu was the best dog ever was."

Carol Castellino's Hatch
Apu Two-Thirds of Niner ~ January 7th, 2006 - October 5th, 2007

He was here, oh so briefly, to bring love to us all, and, having done that, has gone to bring our love to Willin.

Batsy D. Basenji flew free on May 1st at 15 1/2 years old.
He is always in our dreams along with his mother, Regal Fox Fawn, who left before him.
Both had all the love the world could offer, from Tamara & Dennis Allen, and Andiamo, too.

Ida Gauguin Collage

Apu Fender Stratocaster ~ 12/31/88 - 5/30/05

~ Niner ~

Lisa Osenni, said, about Niner: "Not only did O.L.D catch up...it hit her on the head, took her purse, and took off down the alleyway...

And so on Feb. 4th, 2005, I had to live out my promises to her. 16 years, one month after she was born here, breech, a singleton, who I looked at for one second, and said, "well, she'll just stay here." I was with her as my vet first slipped her under anesthesia, so she just went to sleep, and then put her down. I promised her I'd outlive her.

I haven't another dog so lovely or who smells so good. Yellow ball dog extra-ordinaire. 1/2 a breed champion, winning a major and 7 more points at 8 1/2 years old. My husband was too ill for me to show while she was young. I don't believe she ever did a thing wrong or untrue in her entire life.

Apu Go Joe (12.31.88 - 2.04.05) Ch. Apu Flash (lived to be the same, 16 and one month,) X Ch. Apu Days of Our Lives (lived to be just short a month of 15).

Named after Joe Montana.

Niner's daughter, the beautiful Tana (I called her Velvet,) passed to join her mom in June of 2006.
She is greatly missed by Mary Lou Casey and Bob Matthai.


Kevlar Timtoo of Apu (12/31/99 ~ 3/31/04)
Kevlar could not survive complications from Lyme Disease. He was just as dear his entire short life as he was
in this wee puppy photo of him. Kevlar had all the love in the world, and then some, from Mary and Ryan Silva, and Kelly.


Rompu ~ 6/6/96 - 9/20/03

Apu Chiarascuro (Ch. Apu Must be the Money X Ch. Apu Eccological Gem)

He stepped out of a car on a dark night, on lead, with his owner, Tony Widoff
and was attacked by an off lead female Golden Retriever. He died on the way to the vet.

A lovely and greatly (tremendously) loved, way too young to pass, basenji boy, Rompu.

Because I would not stop for death, he kindly stopped for me.........


Haduni ti-n Abou Teka 5. Jan. 2002 - 9. May 2003
(Sire: Ch. Apu Peas an Hominy - Dam: Ch. Anya's FyreLyte) The car & she met & time concluded. Our hugs and kisses and love go with you, Haduni, and to your dear loved ones, Claudia, Andy, and Lea, and breeder Uschi. Here, her grandfather Trill (Ch. Apu Must Be the Money), stacked himself and eerily howled on May 9th. I ran outside in alarm, shaken by his plaintive howls, which were entirely new to him, wondering what he knew.

Like a spark she lived,
quick and bright,
a flare of love and heat and light,
A dancing flame, too bright to see,
has embraced her final destiny.
And we are cold without our flame,
but, in the dark, some hope remains,
that she is warm and safe and loved,
running in green fields above,
that she is happy, free from pain,
her spirit unbound by earthly gain.
And in the darkest night, our darling friend
whispers softly, "We will meet again."

--Karin Shah


"The Most Beautiful Girl in the World"
Sophie ~ Ch. Apu Days of Our Lives (1/18/86 - 11/28/00)



by Lisa Osenni Mackey

Cleo had a happy start in life with a family that had a small child. Busy work schedules forced these people to part with Cleo in the hopes that she'd find a home where she wouldn't be left alone so much. Passed from a dog shelter to a horrific situation with a family whose likeness to the characters in "Deliverance" was unnerving, Cleo never lost her nerve, or her spirit. In fact, all of this passing around made Cleo's personality--her willfulness and her attitude--stronger. Starved and mistreated, (and really misunderstood) by The Deliverance's, Cleo was once again put up for adoption.
The ad read, "Purebred Basenji, $75."

Well, we got her out of that house for $200...something about the ad being printed wrong...or maybe because we had all of our teeth we were charged more. It didn't matter-- we had to get the hell out of Serial Killer County.

Cleo J. Kahari (official name on her AKC papers) fit in fine with her new humans, and her new brother, Fender, also a Basenji. They lived many years together, in 6 different homes. Over the years, her family grew to include 2 more Basenjis, and 2 Chinese Cresteds (and a couple of birds, too).

Cleo was walked every day, (2-3 times per day!) for 10 years straight. When she finally moved into a house with a fenced-in yard, she retired to sunning on the deck and running with the pack (if she was so inclined).

Independent, aloof, and very definite about her likes and dislikes, Cleo was Her Own Dog. She and I had many altercations over the years. I can't say we were best buds, but we were very used to each other. When I first had her, she destroyed many items: she ate a chair, venetian blinds,chewed stainless steel bowls, shredded a handmade afghan, oh, and one time she crunched a pair of my glasses.  I can't flatter myself and say she respected me because she would look me in the eye while taking a crap where she knew she wasn't supposed to. Cleo was a hardcore Basenji.

In the end, her spark was gone. This was a dog who once successfully devoured batches of Christmas cookies off the counter--without a trace of evidence as to how she did it.  Cleo's last few months were confusing to her, as she had seizures that left her in some sort of dementia. Her kidneys were failing, and she was showing signs of congestive heart failure.
I didn't want her to have to work so hard at living anymore. I wanted her to have some dignity-- and that bitchy attitude-- to take with her to the other side.

I hope you're OK now, Cleo.

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