2006 Rally Article

On July 15th, 2006, M got her Advanced Rally title (RA) with a 1st place, score of 98. She got the first leg of her Rally Excellent title, with a 1st place at the BCOA National Specialty. She got her RE title on Jan. 21/07 with a 1st place, and a score of 95.

YouTube of Fern doing Rally

Loot photo

M earned her Rally Novice Title (RN) at the first AKC Titling Rally-Obed trials, Jan. 1st & 2nd, 2005; Kunjo got his RN on April 24th, 2005. Sandy got her RN in Feb., 2006, & her RA on Feb. 18th, '07. Occhi got his RA on Jan. 21/07. Amelia and Guy Noir got their RN titles at the BCOA National Specialty in September, 2006, and Obike got his first RN leg. Guy Noir his RA title on Feb.18, '07. Amelia got two legs of her RA, Feb 17th and 18th, 2007, & her RA in July 2008. Scarlet & Fern got their RN titles in the summer of 2008.

Last Station of her 3rd Qualifying run, the Moving Down. Photos: ©Mary Bloom, 2005, AKC

The Start Line

Kunjo got his 1st Q Jan 2, 2005

Kunjo Serpentine

M - Call Front, Finish Left, Halt
M Serpentine
Scarlet - 5 months old, serpentine.
Fern - 5 months old.

Guy Noir

Jan. 1st., 2005

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