Physioball Therapy

I use what I call, “my Pilates ball,” at least once a day to stretch out. Since it feels so good to me, I decided to try Calliope out on it, as she has some lower back issues. In between her acupuncture sessions, this seemed like it was worth a try.

I first sat her on the ball, and bounced her, so she could get a feel of what it was like. Then I curled her tail under her, and let her down slowly, hips first, with her back towards the ball. To my surprise, she flipped her head back, and it hang down, and smiled. I pressed her thighs flat the other way, and supported her, and bounced her, just a little. After about a minute, I slipped her off of the ball. She shook, smiled more, and went off, looking like she felt a whole lot better.

Karen Christensen tried this with Laser. She reported, “Hee hee, I stretched Laser again last night. He smiles when I do it, and puts his head all the way back! And after I did it he stopped scratching the refrigerator for biskies, and went and lay down on the couch.”

So, we had two smiling dogs. I mentioned this to Lisa DiBattista, who works at a canine rehab center, in CT, and she said they use the Physioball on patients there. I said, “I thought I had invented it.” Lisa said, “No, you just figured it out for yourself.

Here's some photos of Laser, M, & Calliope. Will add some of Occhi soon. He loves to stretch on the ball, too.

Laser getting introduced to the ball..

Laser having a side stretch....

Calliope just about stretched out, head down...

M having a side stretch...

M on her belly, and she likes it..

Laser, looking blissful......

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