2006 Puppies

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Pups born on July 5th, 2005.

Lunge whip practicing, Oct. 23rd, '05

Apu Guy Noir RA SGRC ORC SOR CGC TDIA MVB got the last leg of his Rally Novice title at the BCOA National. He has a Qualifying 1st & a Qualifying 2nd in ASFA lure coursing, & 63 ASFA points. Guy Noir got his Advanced Rally title on Feb. 18th, 2007. He got his SOR title on 4/20/08, and got his ORC on May 4th, '08. He got his GRC on 11/18/07, & got his SGRC on 5/25/08. He got his 1st breed point, with BOW. He became a BCOA Master Versatile Basenji at under 2.5 years old.

FC Apu Afternoon of a Fawn RN SC FCh GRC JOR CGC TDIA VB -Amelia - got the last leg of her Rally Novice title at the BCOA National (with a 3rd place) & also she got her JC there. She got her ASFA FCh at the Region 9 Invitational on November 4, '06. Amelia got her Senior Courser title on Oct 22nd, '06. She got her AKC Field Championship on Nov 11th, 2006. She got two legs of her RA title, Feb. 17 & 18, with a 3rd Place and scores of 85 & 90. She got her GRC in spring of '08, and, therefore, joined the Versatile Basenji Honor Role.

FC Apu Get the Helloutta Dodge SC FCh GRC ORC JOR CGC (Obike) got his JC on 9/03/06, his AKC Field Championship & his Senior Courser titles on December 9th, '06. He has the 1st leg of his Rally Novice title. Obike also got his ASFA FCh, GRC & ORC in 2007. He has several breed points.

FC Apu the Answer SC FCh SGRC3 ORC SOR (Ian)
FC Apu Sand Thru the Hourglass RA MC GRC JOR CGC TDIA VBX (Sandy, or Sanderbelly, or SanderElla)

Mz Belly, S., 8 weeks pregnant

Sandy had 3 r/w males, 1 tri male (already named Guy Noir) and 1 r/w female on July 5th.

4 days old

Guy Noir

2.5 weeks old

One Month Old ~ Suede, Amelia, Obike, Bing, and Guy Noir

Amelia at the Hudson Valley Senior residence, with D'Nelle

5.5 weeks old ~ Amelia, Obike, Guy Noir, Suede, Bing
Amelia ~ Apu Afternoon of a Fawn ~3 months old Guy ~ Apu Guy Noir ~ 3 months old

FC, RN, SC, FCh, CGC (TDI) ~ 19 months old

RA, CGC (TDI) ~ 20 months old

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